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Sweden: bringing the community closer together


The rehabilitation centre at Uppsala University Hospital is a very important place for patients and their families. It has welcomed 2000 people since its creation in 2006. The unit helps to treat 6 groups of patients affected by different kinds of cancer and organizes counseling, yoga sessions and other activities to relax patients. Teams of volunteers are on hand to help stave off anxiety. All these activities help to ease the workload of healthcare professionals, who see more than 90 patients per week.

“We care of what people think – talking about those difficult problems with patients, both youngsters and adults is not easy” says Ann-Charlotte Pellettieri, psychotherapist and project manager.

The Uppsala site in Sweden has been supporting this rehab unit for a number of years. It also plays a social role and has sponsored the New Year concerts of the Uppsala Akademiska Kammarkör, since 1999. It also supports local football and basketball teams, as well as ‘Sirius Bandy’, a popular ice-hockey team. Awareness programs are also staged in schools across the city to inform children about issues such as drugs, crime and alcohol.

Galderma finds innovative ways to foster a long-term relationship with the local community. In this way it can become an active member of local society, reaching people beyond the domain of healthcare.




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