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South Africa / EDUCATION

A full support to the future of dermatology

Galderma has been actively supporting the dermatology development in South Africa since 2001 backing both the academic and private sectors. The local teams work on partnership support, information sharing with dermatologists, sponsorship of events and grants for researchers.

Galderma hosts quarterly inter-university meetings collaboration programs which are held at the Head Office in Johannesburg. This is an opportunity for dermatologists to meet-up and heads of departments and registrars to present their research and share their latest case studies.

Galderma also plans monthly meetings nationally where heads of dermatology academic departments, registrars and dermatologists are invited to discuss the latest Journal articles.

Once a year, Galderma sponsors the local dermatology congress by supporting the full registration process, exhibitions as well as paying for the registration fees for heads of dermatology departments and key registrars.

Galderma is also the sole sponsor for the dermatology medical and scientific societies websites: www.dermatology.co.za and the South African Society for Dermatologic Surgery (SASDS). These websites provide a central point for dermatologists to interact and obtain key information as well as the latest news.

Galderma provides medical education support with free electronic access to online journals specific to dermatology requests. These are: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Archives of Dermatology, Paediatric Review Journal, British journal of Dermatology (BJD), Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, Contact Dermatitis, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology, Dermatology 101, as well as an access to Dermaquest.

Galderma also supports a program managed through the Dermatology Society of South-Africa and the Research Grant (John Moche Galderma Research Grant) awarded by the DSSA.

There are 165 dermatologists in South-Africa benefiting from all the above education and sharing programs as well as sponsorship and grants. Galderma offers a startup package to dermatologists who open their first private practice. Through all these actions Galderma wishes to keep a close relationship with dermatologists, finding out what their needs are and better assist them in their day to day work.



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