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National Skin Centre (NSC) Singapore No-scar solution to skin cancer in a training institute

The National Skin Centre (NSC) Singapore is the pioneer in photodynamic therapy (PDT) using Metvix Cream and a reference centre for this in South East Asia. It provides photodynamic therapy training through theory and practice. The principal aim is to ensure that doctors who wish to perform Metvix PDT in South East Asia are well trained and in a reputable dermatology institute.

Doctors who wish to embark on PDT are assured of quality training and would have more confidence in offering this service in their own clinic and region. Dermatologists can now offer a non-scarring and effective healing therapy to patients with non-melanoma skin cancers. There is an elevated interest in how photodynamic therapy is benefitting patients and also in what it could potentially do as the NSC embarks on research in other skin conditions.

Training in PDT is in line with the NSC’s role that is well-known regionally as a tertiary health care institution that provides specialized dermatological services, trains dermatologists, and undertakes research in dermatology.

The Centre's objectives are to concentrate specialists in dermatology into one institution, facilitate sub-specialization and be the national focus for the treatment, research, and training on all aspects of skin diseases. PDT remains a viable option and NSC dermatologists continue to benefit from exchange of peer- reviewed scientific information through platforms such as the Euro-PDT annual conferences.

This also benefits the public as it provides a better awareness of skin cancer and its treatment. Dermatologists continue to have a reference point when they want to learn about advances in the treatment.

The partnership with Galderma to provide training in PDT is in line with the NSC’s mission to provide specialized care of skin conditions in a setting of clinically relevant research, quality education and patient safety.

In the last 3 years, 281 treatments have been administered.


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