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Children Charity Painting Challenge

Children need all the help and support adults can give them, especially when health is at stake. If this can be done in a fun way, then all is better.

This project consisted in a flip-flops painting challenge organized with the involvement of the three children’s charities in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon between March and May 2011. The charities are ‘Aldeias de Crianças SOS’ in Lisbon, ‘Associação Criança e Vida’ in Porto and ‘Centro de Acolhimento do Loreto’ in Coimbra. On this special day, a short skin care training program was held for the staff of the charities. This focused mainly on sun protection and mycosis prevention and treatment. The principal aim was to enhance awareness of podiatric skin diseases and to explain how to keep feet healthy.

The younger family members of the Portuguese physicians (dermatologists and GPs) were involved too in this project. They were invited to paint small flip-flops and Galderma offered an amount to the charities per flip-flop received. We offered as well as moisturizers and sunscreen creams to the charities.

There was an exhibition of the entries for the creative flip-flops competition. The winner was the Coimbra charity.

Sharing our knowledge with the general public was very gratifying. The project involved more than 4.000 medical professionals (including 300 dermatologists) and their young family members. The project enabled more people to be aware of certain skin issues via extensive media coverage.


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