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Publishing the first reference book on Acne treatment in the Philippines

After publishing the first local acne supplement in 2010, the Philippines board decided to embark on publishing a book compiling all their research and updates throughout the years.

This was the first multi-disciplinary treatment guide on acne to be published locally.

It was authored by ten experts, with the support of Galderma. The aim was to provide standard guidelines for acne treatment and to issue them to local dermatologists for reference and use.

The book contains 12 different articles on the local approaches in the treatment of mild, moderate, severe or recalcitrant acne. It also featured two experts in the fields of gynecology, internal medicine and infectious diseases, who shared their knowledge in relevant chapters on PCOS and the use of antibiotics in the Philippines. The authors are respected experts in the field of acne, and are members, officers and board members of the Philippine Dermatological Society and prestigious training institutions in the country.

Our expectation is that this would further help and serve the dermatologist community with a reliable tool for first-line approach in the treatment of acne.

This pioneering and evidence-based project, involving 10 key opinion leaders, will create standardized local guidelines for acne treatment and provide physicians with clinical references. The Acne book will be distributed to 500 local, practicing dermatologists



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