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Growing strong together and supporting the Korean Dermatological Association

Korean dermatology is a thriving discipline. The Korean Dermatological Association counts 1,641 active dermatologists among its subscriptions, many of whom have had a global impact on dermatological science.

Since 1960, the KDA has published a monthly periodical, ‘The Korean Journal of Dermatology’, which demonstrates Korean academic excellence. It is complemented with an English language medical quarterly journal, ‘The Annals of Dermatology’, whose articles are syndicated to professional publications around the world.

Since 1999, Galderma and the Korean Dermatological Association have been working together providing continuous support for the Seoul bi-annual Congress in April and October.

Galderma is one of the main supporters to the Korean dermatology community. One of our missions is to contribute to the development of Skin Healthcare in South Korea, while supporting the medical education and publications of the Korean Dermatology Society. This contributes to strengthen dermatology in Korea and highlights the growing enthusiasm and productivity of Korean investigative dermatologists.


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