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Galderma Japanese Awards

Galderma established in 1999 a Dermatology Award to support innovative, unique dermatology projects in Japan.

Over 15 applications are sent in every year. The registration for new applicants opens from January to June and 3 winners are picked by an evaluation committee at the end of August.

The award evaluation committee is composed of 13 professors, with its core members Pr Miyachi,  Pr Satoh, Pr Amagai and  members  Pr Iizuka, Pr Itoh, Pr Nakagawa, Pr Shiohara, Pr Kawashima, Pr Tokura, Pr  Takehara, Pr Furue, Pr Morita and Pr Hashimoto.

The ceremony and awardees’ presentation are held in English.

The attendees are members of the Japanese Dermatology Association (JDA), and the event is relayed in dermatology related scientific literatures.

There have been 37 winners since the beginning of which 6 winners became professors.

Galderma also sponsors scientific seminars during the award ceremony inviting prominent speakers in the field of rosacea, pathogenesis, and treatment of non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne vulgaris.


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