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The Onychomychosis National Observatory (ONO) Project

“After the talk, I do my check-ups differently and look at my patient’s fingers “– Monica Pau, Medical Doctor (Cagliari, Italy)

The aim of the ONO Project is to increase awareness of onychomycosis by highlighting the importance of doctors diagnosing the disease. A simple form was created in order to help identify the disease. Endorsement meetings were also held in Milan in April 2012, where 3 of the most important national dermatologists recruited other dermatologists and physicians to talk about onychomycosis diagnosis, typology and treatments. We asked the participants to observe the fingers of their patients, whatever the reason for their visit, and to record and gather information collected on a special form designed for the project.

The most important benefit has been to highlight the importance of onychomycosis diagnosis, a condition often considered to be an aesthetic problem rather than an infection. This has allowed us to analyze onychomycosis prevalence in 8,331 patients across Italy. The final figures of the study showed a prevalence data near to 14% in the surveyed Italian population.


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