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DermQuest: Online dermatology information platform

Galderma is research based company and continuous education is not only a priority but part of our DNA. Sharing our knowledge and research is second nature, and this new media gave a unique opportunity to create a dedicated web platform open to dermatologists and accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. Galderma wants to share its expertise and its unique resources, and facilitate expert opinions views in the dermatology field.

The goal of DermQuest is to provide reputable and trusted information and resource for dermatologists and residents in dermatology. In order to answer dermatologists’ educational needs and awareness Galderma has been working on the promotion of DermQuest so it is recognized as one of the main online places to go to and share specialist views as well as best practices. A platform where one can learn from one another and access useful educational material.

DermQuest is proud to count so far over 53000 registered members. Galderma is viewed as a reliable partner supporting meaningful online educational initiatives bringing expertise to the daily practice of dermatologists and residents in dermatology. Improving knowledge in the field, and at the end of the day helping dermatologist improve their practice for better patient outcome is at the center of the mission of DermQuest.

Galderma has been supporting the DermQuest initiative for over 11 years, initially by releasing thousands of clinical images and videos for an online image bank. Ever since the beginning Galderma has been enriching the offer by adding new content, and developing brand new online services such as self-assessment modules (e-learning), - We request engagement and feedbacks of HCPs in the field on the occasion of each international congress Galderma attends.

Being a reputable and trusted source of information and resources for dermatologists, DermQuest helps improving knowledge and practice, to better answer patient needs across the world. It has become an essential tool for dermatologists throughout the years.


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